DARPA Grand Challenge

  PVHS Roadwarriors


Processing Page

This web site was originally created to support an entry into the first DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004. The site served as a repository for references, information and helpful links for team members to use in the design and development of the Challenge vehicle.


Fuel Economy


Measurement Computing
D/A Converter Circuit
All About Capacitors


Maptech Terrain Mapping S/W
LabVIEW Real-Time Eval S/W

  Image Processing

LabVIEW Image Processing
Improv - Image Proc. for Robot Vision Visual Perception Inc.


Garman GPS Tutorial*
Aerospace Corp GPS Tutorial GPS Tutorial #3
More GPS Tutorials
GPS Tutorial #4
GPS Information Directory #1
GPS Information Directory #2

  Inertial Measurement

Inertial Solutions
IMU Description
Inertial Sciences IMU
Microstrain Microsensors
Crossbow IMU #1
Portland State INS Q&A
Crossbow IMU #2
Bulmarc-Electronics Micro-ISU


Nat Inst Tutorial on Data Acquisition
Machine Vision Tutorial
Digital-to-Analog Converter Tutorial
CMU-UMich Matlab Tutorial


USGS Topographic Maps
Online Topographic Maps