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Vehicle Page

This web site was originally created to support an entry into the first DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004. The site served as a repository for references, information and helpful links for team members to use in the design and development of the Challenge vehicle.


Automotive Design Line
Fuel Economy
Automotive Dictionary A-M
Automotive Dictionary N-Z


Kelly Blue Book

  Sandrail/Dune Buggy

chirco.com - Dune Buggy*
sandrail.com - Dune Buggy*
dunebuggy.com - Dune Buggy*
Desert Karts


Jeep Parts
Pure Suzuki

  Driving Controls

EMC Driving Controls
Creative Controls
Servo Controller Design


Automatic Transmission Tutorial
Nat Inst CAN-Bus Tutorial
Stepper Motor Tutorial #1
Stepper Motor Tutorial #2
Stepper Motors #3
PID Control Tutorial
Computer Controls Tutorial


Fuel Cell Information
MIG Welding Basics
Plasma Cutting Basics
Math Formulas