DARPA Grand Challenge

  PVHS Roadwarriors


Sensors Page

This web site was originally created to support an entry into the first DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004. The site served as a repository for references, information and helpful links for team members to use in the design and development of the Challenge vehicle.



Sick Laser
Perceptron Laser Rangefinder


Thermal-Infrared Imaging
FLIR Infrared Camera Systems


Graftek Imaging
SLD Security & Comm


Bushnell Radar Speed Gun

  Machine Vision Systems

Machine Vision Online
The Computer Vision Industry
Humanoiod Machine Vision System
Imaging Source*
Graftek Machine Vision Systems


Honeywell Ultrasonic
Polaroid Ultrasonic
Parking Sensor
Parking Sensor - DIFFLOCK
Utrasonic proximity sensors
Massa Products Corp
Mannys Auto Sound
Senix Ultrasonic Sensors


Optical Image Stabilizer Tutorial

  Frame Grabber

JKN Electronics Frame Grabber